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“I have attended several different firearms schools along the west coast and I can say my experience at ITTS is top notch. Head instructor Scott Reitz and his assistants delivered nothing less than the best training for their students - it is second to none!”
Adam M.
Los Angeles

“Thank you all for a great weekend and a wonderful class. I have to confess that a large part of my purpose in attending was to "size-up" ITTS to determine if these are people who have the skills and the willingness to help me take my abilities to a higher level. There are a lot of courses and instructors available in the shooting world, and they don't always measure up to the advertising. Having been a serious shooter for most of the last 30 years, I am not easily impressed. Your staff, presentation, professionalism, and enthusiasm were exemplary. On a "ten" scale I'd give you a 15. WELL DONE! I will definitely be back.”
Tony S.
Santa Monica, CA

“Once again, thank you for the fantastic training. Between the six of us that attended, we have a combined time of about sixty years of experience and the Ultimate Integrated class was the best training any of us have ever attended (military and swat included). We brought back fantastic reviews and spread the word to anyone who would listen.”
Brandon A.
Sonoma, CA

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Welcome to International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc (ITTS).   We are a family owned and operated business which has been teaching firearms and tactics for over 21 years.   When we say "family" we are including all individuals who teach with us, work at the range with us and the students who have become part of our extended family.   From the moment that you arrive at class we do our utmost to make you feel a welcome and valued member of the ITTS family.

Each class at ITTS is designed to build upon the preceding class – i.e. Defensive Handgun I is the prerequisite for Defensive Handgun II just as Shotgun I is the prerequisite for Shotgun II.  The only exception to this is if a student has received equivalent training at a school which ITTS recognizes.   (Please email us call us at 310-446-1390 with any questions concerning prerequisites)

The question most often asked of us is "Which class do I start with at ITTS?"

Please read below for the answer:

Defensive Handgun I

For those of you who have little or no experience with firearms, Defensive Handgun I is the place to start. You don’t need to have ever even held a firearm to attend this class. In fact, it is better if we can teach you from scratch the most effective, up to date and safe techniques without any prior training. Those who come to us from the beginning generally perform much better than many people with years of experience because they are using our method of training which has been streamlined for maximum efficiency

Don’t know if you want to buy a gun or just want to experience shooting for a day or two?

You are welcome to attend Defensive Handgun I without having to make the investment of purchasing expensive equipment. We will provide the gun, holster, spare magazines, ammunition - all the equipment you will need. If you decide that you want to purchase a firearm, we will help with the decision process by recommending a pistol which would best suit your needs.

Are you an experienced civilian shooter without any formal training, a police officer who wants to go back to the basics to refine your skills or a soldier who want some extra training?

Everyone needs refinement from time to time and taking a basic class to fine tune your skills is always a good idea. While those in law enforcement and the military are not required to attend Defensive Handgun I, it is always a good option.

So how do we integrate brand new, first-time students in a class with more experienced shooters?

Very simply, we teach to the most basic student. While this may be repetitive training for some, we cannot stress the importance of ‘going back to the basics’, no matter how long they’ve been shooting. Even the most experienced shooter comes away with a treasure trove of knowledge from Defensive Handgun I.

Our instructor to student ratio is very high – in a typical class of fifteen students, there are at least 2 experienced primary instructors and range safety officers.

There is a lot of ‘hands on’ one-on-one instruction for our newer shooters. We will help you load the gun and press your first shots with the instructor right by your side. We do it with patience and constant attention to detail and safety. Overwhelmingly, students who attended Defensive Handgun I say they cannot believe how safe they felt in the class and how much they learned and experienced in just two days!

Defensive Handgun II

Police officers and military personnel typically start with this course unless they have had high level training from another school. You do not need permission to attend this course if you are in law enforcement or the military.

This class is also for civilians who have met the prerequisite by attending a course similar to our Defensive Handgun I class. If in doubt, please contact us for permission to enroll in this course.

Defensive Handgun III

Police officers, military personnel and civilians who have completed Defensive Handgun II at ITTS or have had equivalent advanced level training from other schools.

Advanced Handgun III

Almost without exception, all students who want to attend our Advanced level courses whether it is pistol, shotgun or rifle, must have completed an Intermediate level course at ITTS.

Contact for permission to attend an Advanced level course if you have not completed courses at ITTS.

Cancellation Policy

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